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Hitler, a monstrous man, whose body and mind devoured by mysterious diseases, is living the last moments of his life hidden in his Berlin bunker, while the Russians attack the German city. He orders the faithful Doctor Theodor Gilbert Morell to organize a theatrical performance of his life. Morell completes the performance and transforms Hitler’s failures into glorious victories, caring for the Fuhrer using hideous sci-fi techniques, all the while trying to steer the beloved Eva Brown’s corporation, like a puppet, to maintain what little stability remains of the dictator’s mind. An evil cinematic representation which deforms and eats humanity, that alters the reality of a game made of fiction and death.

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Rob is a detective investigating the murder of a man in his local town. Clues left at the scene of the crime tie the murder to a sequence of other events in the recent past. Rob’s daughter is suffering with a genetic disease. Forced to live within the hospital, Rob juggles his investigations and his daughters welfare, only to realise that the two are interconnected. It’s a race against time to save both his daughter and catch the killer.



Two guys are moving in a small village called ‘Purea’ to undertake a screenwrite course, but there’s something really special and magical about this place where weird characters come from other worlds. 

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