Aerial Wonders

Step into the heart of Monasterace Marina’s cherished “Festa della Madonna di Porto Salvo” through a captivating cinematic drone video. This film is a heartfelt celebration of the profound love I hold for this beautiful town. Gracefully hovering above with the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, I capture the essence of this joyous festival. However, beyond the stunning aerial shots, this video delves into the emotions that bind me to Monasterace Marina. The streets come alive with vibrant colors, music, and laughter, reflecting the warmth and sense of belonging within the community. Every frame conveys the genuine moments of love, camaraderie, and shared heritage that define the soul of this town. Through this film, I aim to share cherished memories and experiences that have shaped my affection for Monasterace Marina. From the touching processions to the simple yet profound gestures of the people, each scene reflects the deep impact this town has had on my heart. This is a celebration of love, capturing the cultural richness and unique charm that make Monasterace Marina extraordinary. The cinematic journey unfolds the magic of “Festa della Madonna di Porto Salvo.” Subscribe now to experience this emotional celebration and witness the spirit of Monasterace Marina from a truly unique perspective. Together, let’s cherish the love and memories that make this town an irreplaceable part of my life.

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SUMMER 2017 I spent most of my holidays with my backpack full of cameras ready to use. In this video I’ll try to tell you the story of my usual “working holidays” of august 2017. Cameras used:Blackmagic pocket Cinema Camera + lumix 20mmCanon 1300D + 18-55mmGoPro 5 Back Edition 4K

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